Just what the world needs…another sustainability consultant.

We approach the possibilities and problems of sustainability using Culture.  Here’s a quick video showing how we think.

We take a limited number of engagements each year. And we crush them because we love them.  Contact us at jrooks [at] or call 207  712  7498.

SOAP stands for Sustainable Organization Advocacy Partners.  We were founded in 2003.

Things we’ve done using this approach:

Interface Carpet – Eighteen-month research project exploring global perceptions of sustainability of 4,000 employees at 8 factories in 6 countries, followed by the design and development of an employee engagement platform.  Throughout this project we produced a series of short documentary films called I Am Mission Zero.

VANS – Four-month engagement to work with employees to build a ground-up model of sustainability, secured commitment from senior staff.  A self-defined “irreverent culture,” any approach required authenticity.

Clif Bar & Company – Helped architect a “self-replicating” employee volunteer program in concert with Annie’s, Eileen Fischer, Timberland, Seventh Generation and other amazing companies.

The World Bank – Branding and design for a leadership education program for developing communities.

Baxter Brewing – Sustainability Consulting including waste strategy reductions and employee engagement.  Watch a video about it here.

NELMA – Design and management of a emerging architect design competition integrating sustainable design elements into their projects.


Last year, we launched a software platform called Rapport. Steve Case came to Portland, Maine with his Rise of the Rest Tour and made an investment in Rapport.

John Rooks is the founder and managing principal of SOAP. He has a Master’s degree in writing and cultural theory from a university in the boondocks.  He has 20 years experience in the environmental and sustainability space. John has made a career in sustainability working internationally helping progressive companies engage employees and supply chains and other stakeholders in matters of sustainability and risks related to climate change.  He listens to both kinds of music – punk and prog – and is certified in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) disclosure protocols.

He speaks and writes frequently for conferences and magazines.  A list of recent topics include:

* LOHAS, Language and the Mainstream
* Punk Rock and Greenwashing
* Activating a Heroic Brand
* Authentic Language in Non-Profit Marketing
* Language as Social Control
* Being a Sustainability Punk
* The Language of Sustainability
* Authorship’s Role In Society
* Transparency in Advertising
* Fringe Language
* Cultural Theory and Sustainability
* Authenticating Real

He did a TedTalk once (who hasn’t?), here it is.

If you’re looking for help with hard projects and concepts, we should talk.